Hi! I'm Dr. Abby Lee and...

I was made to help people heal.

What People are Saying

"Dr. Abby was wonderful! She let me ask a ton of questions, listened, and then answered them all. Very kind and compassionate. Her acupressure massage was wonderful even as she found some very tender spots. She gave helpful tools and things to do at home, too."

"Dr. Abby is Amazing! Great adjustment for me and my children. She works your muscles and gives a great adjustment. I also appreciate the after school hours she provides."


Your Body, the Way You Want it

Dr. Abby focuses on healing the body as a whole and at each visit treats the soft tissues that could be causing restriction and discomfort in each patient. Every stage of life experiences different stresses to the body, wether is is birth, pregnancy, emotional stress, or physical injury, each benefit from soft tissue release and adjustment. Dr. Abby is a certified prenatal and pediatric chiropractor who is Webster certified. She treats the body through natural techniques like cupping therapy, muscle and fascial release, and the chiropractic adjustment. Dr. Abby is certified in elite level muscle and fascial release techniques like ART and FDM.


Dr. Abby is passionate and well educated in natural healing, wellness, and living. We welcome you to come experience our office and the light, natural, and joyous space we have carefully cultivated for you to heal in.


What Would Life be if You Lived Pain Free?

There are many reasons why people live in pain. Most commonly, they have either accepted that this a way of life for most people or they have not found relief through conventional means.

I help people get out of pain every day and I bet I can help you too.

I hold certifications in state-of-the-art muscle and fascial techniques designed to treat even the most complicated of patients elite level, and in my experience gained from treating hundreds of patients, these techniques with a manual adjustment drastically improves overall mobility and decreases pain in patients.